Citizens Charter
   As part of its drive to improve the quality and promptness of service to the citizens of Visakhapatnam, the Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam has released "The Citizen Charter" to achieve the twin purpose of streamlining public service and informing the citizens of their rights and responsibilities.
This document is a commitment to provide efficient and prompt services to the citizens in the expectation that the citizen will reciprocate and involve themselves in the healthy growth and upkeep of the city.
In keeping with resolve of the State Government to provide an efficient administration, the Municipal Corporation adopts the principle of a "SMART" administration, that as "Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent" administrators, their aim is to create a local administrative machinery that achieves public expectation and which will create an ever lasting partnership between the citizens and the administration, which is an endeavour to building a brighter tomorrow.
This charter is a promise to our customers that we wish to stand by. This charter may not be treated as a legal document against the Municipal Corporation Visakhapatnam.

The Municipal Corporation of Visakhapatnam provides the following services to the citizens:

1 Sanitation public - private 11 Extracts of Council Resolution
2 Birth and death certificates 12 Town Surveyor Copies
3 Trade License 13 Transfer of property
4 Other complaints 14 New House Tax Assessments
5 V. C. Complaint 15 Demand Extracts
6 Building permission 16 Deposit of Tax Revision
7 Layout permission 17 Deposit on apartments etc.
8 Maintenance of water supply 18 Parks & playgrounds
9 House Tap connection 19 Roads, drains and other civic infrastructure amenities
10 Lighting 20 Veterinary Public Health services
Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation 2010